Christmas Memories – Day Hospice

This festive period, we’re asking you to order a free Christmas Poster (click here) and get your office or workplace talking.

This could be anything from the strangest Christmas present you’ve ever received to the best. We took a few of our posters down to our Day Hospice and this is what we discovered…

Nina’s best ever Christmas present was her two granddaughters (pictured on the left):

John’s favourite part of Christmas dinner is the ‘power nap’ he has after it:

Brian’s strangest ever Christmas gift was a blow up rubber doll:

Robert’s best ever Christmas gift was a power drill, it was the first married present he received from his wife 54 years ago and he’s used it ever since:

Barbara’s #Christmasin4words is “Amazing, Fun, Others and Enjoyment” (pictured on the right):

Click here to get your workplace talking this Christmas and collection donations (box included in each free pack) to make a big difference to more people like Nina, John, Brian, Robert & Barbara this Christmas and beyond.


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