HR’s Christmas Memories

We have a very big team here at the Hospice with over two hundred staff members and hundreds of incredible volunteers too so who’s in charge of looking after them? The answer is our Human Resources team and we recently quizzed them on our Christmas Poster questions.

From left to right in the picture, here are their Christmas memories…


Best Ever Christmas Gift – My Little Pony House

Strangest Ever Christmas Gift – I’m struggling to think of a strange present, my brother always gets me an ‘in joke’ present which the rest of the family never understand so it’s strange for them!

#Christmasin4Words – Spending time with family

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – Sprouts!! I love them


Best Gift – As a child it was the Sylvanian Families Bakery, more recently a trip to New York to celebrate New Year to which I ended up spending an extra 2 days there due to a snow storm and all flights were cancelled!

Strangest Gift – I have never received a ‘strange’ Christmas present…although there is still time.

#Christmasin4Words – Family, relaxing, celebration and remembrance

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – That feeling when you’re full from your food and ready for an afternoon nap!


Best Gift – Sewing Machine at the age of 8 which kept me quiet all day and I have had an interest in sewing ever since

Strangest Gift – Wine glass rings (thought they were strange earrings as none matched) thanked my friend for the earrings and got a very amusing text back!

#Christmasin4Words – ‘Magical’

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – Pigs in blankets


Best Gift – Girls World

Strangest Gift – A garden gnome sitting in a chair made of twigs….it now gets passed on to a different family member each year. Hopefully it’s not making its way back to me this year!

#Christmasin4Words – It’s A Wonderful Life

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – Hands down, the sprouts. But closely followed by pigs in blankets.


Best Gift – Until this year it was a Supercar drive experience, but now I would have to say our new granddaughter, Alice.

Strangest Gift – I struggled a bit with this one, but then remembered the clock that our neighbours gave us from their trip to Australia earlier in the year – it was shaped like a map of Australia in copper and was awful!

#Christmasin4Words – Boxing Day Games Night

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – All of it if our family are all together – but I do love Christmas Pud soaked in Brandy!


Best Gift – Roller boots and saxophone

Strangest Gift – The Adventures of Flash Gordon on tape (audio)

#Christmasin4Words – Jingle, sprouts, family & fizz

Favourite part of Christmas dinner – My Mum’s Bread sauce

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