Osama’s First Christmas

This year, we’ve been lucky enough to have a young man called Osama helping out. He has come all the way from Kanpur in India to study at Aston University and is currently on a work placement here at Birmingham St Mary’s.

Osama has been a fantastic addition to our Fundraising Team, throwing himself into a number of tasks from researching organisations that may want to support the Hospice to posting Treecycling leaflets through doors and abseiling down Park Regis!

At the Hospice, our incredible catering team host a Christmas dinner for the staff members and this gave Osama his first ever taste of a festive dinner where he also opened his first Christmas cracker…

“It was absolutely fantastic!” – Osama

This was when we discovered that he’d never celebrated Christmas before, so we wanted to do something special for him. To begin with, we gave him a Christmas card full of Christmas cracker jokes like…

“Why does Santa have 3 gardens? So he can Ho Ho Ho!”

But that wasn’t enough for someone celebrating their first ever Christmas, so staff here chipped into create a special Christmas hamper for Osama. This included all sorts from mince pies, Radio Times and Santa Claus: The Movie to cranberry sauce, a mini-Waddles and Christmas crackers.


Osama was overwhelmed and wrote us all this lovely message…

“I would like to thank you for my lovely gift and my first ever Christmas present. It is really difficult to explain how much it means to me and how emotional I am after receiving the affections and gifts from everyone. Thank You very much for everything and giving me a very home like work environment. I wanted to thank everyone of you and even if I write thank you for a million time it wont be enough. So I thought that I should let you guys know how thankful I am. Seriously you guys have made me feel blessed today. Thank you for everything. This place is like the best place to be in. I wish and pray that you have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic New Year, and this year brings success and happiness in your life.”

As a charity, we are very fortunate to have so many incredible volunteers and placement students like Osama who give up their time to support the Hospice. We wish every single one of you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to working alongside you all in 2017!



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