Providing Meals at the Hospice

To offer you an insight into our amazing Catering Team, we had a chat with Lauren…

What do you do here at Birmingham St Mary’s?

I am a catering assistant here at the Hospice. I prepare and serve food to staff and patients, helping the cooks to maintain the high standards of food service on a daily basis. We make sure that the food here at the Hospice is the best quality for our patients and staff.

When did you join Birmingham St Mary’s?

I started working at the Hospice when I was 16 in 2003 on housekeeping and within a year I had moved into catering. I love my job, I’ve worked here half of my life.

What would you say to someone who thought hospices were just about death and dying?

It’s about so much more than death and dying, it’s about patients feeling valued and having a common place for relatives too.

How has working at Birmingham St Mary’s changed your own view of life and of death?

Working here makes you grateful for what you have as it puts your own life into perspective.

With over half of the Hospice’s funding coming from voluntary donations, have you ever done any fundraising before for Birmingham St Mary’s?

I do lots of fundraising including running a fundraising stall at the Rubery Group’s annual Christmas Bazaar and charity raffles. Our Catering Team also run a stall outside at our annual Light up a Life event held here at the Hospice.

What days are you working over the Christmas period?

This year I will be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as we work alternative weekends. (Lauren is also a mum and we’re very grateful that she’s giving up her time on Christmas Day to make sure that patients have a happy Christmas experience with their own families!)

How do you care for patients in the week leading up to Christmas?

Catering cook all of the Christmas meals for the patients and their families on Christmas day. They also do the staff Christmas meals and the Day Hospice’s annual celebrations too.

What is your favourite memory from working at the Hospice over the Christmas period?

I remember the catering team decorating the conservatory with Christmas decorations and held Christmas lunch for several patients and their families. It was a lovely experience.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your story with us and what it’s like at Birmingham St Mary’s during the Christmas period! To support the Hospice and local families living with a terminal illness, please get involved in our fundraising campaigns like the Christmas Poster. Click here to get your free poster today and spread the festive cheer with your colleagues and friends!


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